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Golden Spark

By Mike Wolfe

Thank you for having a look at my book.  Golden Spark as been ten years in the making.  The bulk of it was done all in the first two years.  Then it sat and cured for a long time.  Now and then I'd pull it out and dust it off, re read it and change a few things and fix a few more mistakes.  I noticed as I read it now technology has marched on.  I was going to update it but I think it properly  represents the early 90's so I left those parts alone.  As a book reader myself, I have to tell you I like the story every time I read it and think it would make a wonderful movie. Well time is moving at light speed lately. As we all know the older you get the faster it goes.  Time to publish this book and get started on the next one.

Please read the following sample chapters and please send me some feed back.   I hope you like it.












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