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        Hello and thank you for participating in our River Queen Registry. (RQR)

 The goal of this Registry is to provide River Queen specific information across the board to any other River Queen interested parties. Do not enter any information that you do not want to share with the world. Entries will be listed in order by Hull Identification Number (HIN) This will help us all understand just where we all fit on the River Queen tree. The HIN number is located in two places that I know of.  One is on the engine compartment bulkhead in the form of welded numbers on the bulkhead itself. The other is on your vessel registration certificate.

Many River Queen's were custom built to order and there is a wide variety of configurations which we will see as the registry grows in size. Please fill in all the information fields below that you can. You may type additional information in the description areas but limit entries to one paragraph or so. Feel free to submit longer stories via e-mail for posting.  It may be a good idea to view our registry first and read some listings before filling out your own information.

Send RQ Pictures to mike@mikewolfe.us

Important! Include your Hull Number in your Subject line. So I can match up e-mails.

The main idea is to put your own RQ out there on the RQ map. To see where you are in relation to other vessels. Where your sister ship may be located. By adding your e-mail to the list below you may start getting mail from other RQ owners. They may be looking for help or offering it.

Please be sure to include your e-mail address below. This will enable other RQ owners to interact with each other and share information freely.


Fill out form below...

Owner Names (Nick name is ok)

Name of Your Vessel 

Hailing Port 

E-mail Address:   Hull ID:  (HIN number)

(Your hull identification number is how you will be placed in listing to the other boats in our Registry.)

Year    Model Name  How Long Have You Owned This Boat? 

LOA:  Beam    Fuel Type    Fuel Capacity 


Transmission, Drive type and Propeller size

Fresh Water Capacity and Number of Tanks   Holding Tanks size 

Tell us about your restorations to date. 

Describe future restoration plans. 

How about a brief impression of my web site?

Thank you for your Registry! 


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