HIN: 514062

Owner_Occupation: Tom & Barb McKie, Co-owners Residential and Commerical Security Systems

Name_of_Vessel: River Girl

Hailing_Port: St. Louis, MO

Year: 1968

Model_Name: River Queen

Years_Owned: 1998

LOA: 35'

Beam: 13'

Fuel_Type: Gas

Fuel_Cap: 100 Gallons

Propulsion: 350 Chrysler

Trany_Drive_Props: ?, single screw, small (wife talking here)

Fresh_Water: 50 Gal - 1

Holding_Tank: 50 Gal

E_Mail_Address: bangtson@aol.com


Everything inside and out. Engine, Generator, Head, water tank, 1 gas tank, etc.


Replace the outside siding


I think it is great! Glad to finally find other RQ's on the web.


To:  Mike Wolfe
Love your boat!
We have a much smaller version.
I think it is interesting how men are always interested in the outside and the engine compartments of boats, when what women want to see is the inside.  It would be great to see how the insides of the Riverqueen differs from boat to boat and good to get ideas on how people have decorated, so If you have any inside pics of the boats on your web it would be great to see!
We have had similar experiences with our boat as it seemed you have.  We too sandblasted our boat after purchasing and also found water streaming out of many holes in the bottom - we have since had a welder replace several plates on the bottom. 
We also have a Kohler generator that has had contineous maintenance and we have a couple of parts missing so my husband still has to keep it running with a clamp and a pencil.  If you know of any great spare parts web sites to go to, we would appreciate getting some addresses.
Anyway, without going into our 8 year experience with our Riverqueen, I will just attach a few pics of the boat that we are also very proud of.
A few years ago we never saw another RQ in our area, but now there are probably 3-6 on the upper St. Croix River between MN and WI.
Hope you enjoy the pics - feel free to publish them.
Barb and Tom McKie

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