Mike Wolfe "The River Queen Refit"  2005


I'm told that this is the very first River Queen ever built.

Location: Tower Marine - Douglas MI.


    I would like someone in the know to write me with the history of this fun looking old boat.  I need some facts about it like the right year of manufacture and LOA and beam.  I just know there is a fine story to go with this boat! One that has it's roots right down into our boats as well. How it was built. Why it was built?

I'm looking forward to learning more...

Mike Wolfe  mike@mikewolfe.us


Mike, I don't know if you have gotten the info yet, but I talked with Mr. R. J Peterson several weeks ago and he assured me that this old paddle wheeler in the registry is indeed the first one made and he said he still has her.

I am trying to buy one from him now.
Ray Russell
Martinsville, IN.





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