Mike Wolfe "The River Queen Refit" 6534XX




Owner: Matthew Vacanti
Name_of_Vessel: Dory Ann
Hailing_Port: Pirates Cove, Phoenix NY
E_Mail_Address: mvacanti@aol.com
HIN: Can't get to it till spring
Year: 1965
Model_Name: Riverqueen
Years_Owned: 10 years
LOA: 34
Beam: 12
Fuel_Type: gas
Fuel_Cap: 40g
Propulsion: Honda Outboard 130hp
Fresh_Water: 1
Holding_Tank: 30? g
Date: Friday January 22, 2010
Time: 02:54 PM


Where do I begin? Dory has had lots of new paint above and below. I have been returning it to its original color. I do know it used to be named VEEGER and BOFUS before that. It has had an entire new roof. All plywood. New rugs throughout and a new floor in the kitchen. New head. Somebody moved the kitchen area to the back. I believe originally there were bunks there. She has also had what appears to be a second hull welded over the top of the original.


My only future plans are to keep the rot and the rust off her. I'd like to replace the paneling on the inside. Anybody know about how many sacrificial anodes a boat like this should have?


You know a River Queen, like any boat can be a lot of work. I really was about ready to give up but when I saw Mike's refit page and the Registry I was encouraged to get back in there and keep working. Thanks Mike!

Hi Mike,  Here are some photos of my 1965 River Queen for the Registry.  I found some others from the early 70s on the boat.  I'll scan them and send them along if you want to post a little history.

A couple of interesting facts about my boat.
- The water tank is above the kitchen and is gravity fed.  No pump. (or hot water)
- The windows are largely "Florida Glass" Luvered windows.
- The entire top is wood

I was wondering if you, or anyone else can tell me how much/many sacrificial anodes should be underneath the hull.  I have a feeling that my rust problem is because of a lack of anodes.  I only have one little one.

Matt Vacanti

Hi Guys...  What a lovely boat! Honda outboard. Nice!  Wish I had done that years ago! Boy if I had it all to do over again...

Life vest on the little one (Good!)  I see the re-done rails up top too.  You have any inside shots?

Be safe!    mnw : )  

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