I am so sorry I can't find the pictures you sent...  I may bump into them as I work all this saved up mess...

Ive desided to get working on the registry again a-new.   Bare with me...   mnw : )


I registered on your website-to the best of our knowledge.  This is entering a whole new world for us.  The story behind the galley-the boat sunk a few years ago.  A new owner spent alot of time repairing and rebuilding.  He spent alot of time on the hull and engines.  The galley is new and it's tidy but lacking the passion that Fred and I are envisioning.  I was looking at fabric samples the day we bought the boat but Fred is anxious to see if she performs (or even starts!) before we do any work inside.  The fiberglass roof (is there a boat term for that? I have so much to learn!) has a crack and is leaking, causing ceiling damage inside.  We'll have to find some how-to manuals and figure alot of this stuff out.  We'd like to put her in the water yet this season just to see what we've purchased.  We spend part of our time dreaming of family time on the water and the other part laughing about who convinced whom to take this crazy leap.  What were we thinking!?!  Thanks for all your words of wisdom on your site.  It has already come in handy.  Take care and stay in touch.
On 6/28/06, Mike Wolfe <mike@mikewolfe.us> wrote:
Hi Fred and Tammi,
Wow. Thank you so much for you kind words. Congratulations on your new old
boat. I like the galley picture. Nice and neat.  Is it new? Have you filled
out our registry on the web page?  Thank you for the pictures. Nice looking
boat.  Where is it?

Do stay in touch and keep sending pictures!

Best of luck and boat safe!   Mnw : )

You inspired us!  We searched the net and we found your wonderful
site, viewed all the passion and took the plunge.  Spent $10,000 on
nothing but promises, hopes and dreams.  Hasn't been afloat for 2
years but the previous owner has nothing but wonderful stories!!! Here
goes everything.
Fred and Tammi



HIN: 6778

Owner_Occupation: Fred and Tammi Marsh, doc and nurse

Name_of_Vessel: registered name - Down Under - there's a story!

Hailing_Port: Saylorville Marina

Year: 1968


Years_Owned: 8 days

LOA: 38ft

Beam: 144 inches

Fuel_Type: gasoline

Fuel_Cap: about $600

Propulsion: dual 318 chryslers

Trany_Drive_Props: Dyna 90's



E_Mail_Address: tammi.marsh@gmail.com


She's been dry docked for 2 years. We've knocked down wasp nests, shop vac'd the keel and hauled out the other peoples stuff! Fred's spent quite a bit of time admiring the motors as well. Can't wait to hear them growl.


Top down, baby! The story is she sunk a few years ago. Our justification-how many boats sink twice?!? Hmmm. She's been rebuilt, re this, re that. After we ensure the engines run, we'll make every inch of her ours!


Mike, you inspired us. We were contemplating and rationalizing (yeah-right!)and we ran across this website. All the passion and stories convinced us to take the leap of faith.

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