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Dear Mike,
    first of all my name is also mike. I live in Michigan. I have recently discovered a river Queen (40') that's calling my name all hours of the day and night,  be for the wife and I commit to spending any money I'm trying to get a real grip on the time and money it is going to take to get the boat in seaworthy condition (its definitely not presently) your web page gets scoured almost daily.......any way I'm an electrician and also a certified welder and a shade tree mechanic. I like that you have taken every thing out and rebuilt/repaired/repainted as you go, it's the right thing to do. anyway only question for now is the grounding zinc, I completely understand why and how, I just wondered after your grounding conductor passes through the hull is the zinc mounted to the hull or out drive like a sacrificial anode or just hanging there in the water?  I'll undoubtedly have more questions for you , if you don't mind, in the future

Well, against me wife's better judgment, I have a passion for things that no one else thinks are fixable. She likes the boat, its just the other things I tend to come home with form time to time. plus I think it was a good deal (I hope) $6500.

I sent the registry right before this first email...if it doesn't show up let me know I'll gladly send another.

Hi Mike, Yes I'm sorry... I messed up on my mail server and lost a big chunk of RQ data. Will you please re-do your RQ registry information? I know you have a inside shot or two? I / We are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from your project.

Thank you for joining our RQR!  mnw : )

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