Crossroad by Mike Wolfe  Copyright 2016 ©   Yep you made it.  
Crossroad by Mike Wolfe
Hello and welcome back to my web site. You may notice a change in format? Well all the old River Queen Refit stories are still all here. I just installed this new main Crossroad page to help you navigate the old as well as the all new postings. I didn't want to call it an index although that is what it is. I'm excited to start posting again. It's been far to long.

Thank you to my readers. Always love to hear your feed back!  Mnw : )
The River Queen Refit
Our refit story of 16 years. More than thirty five chapters and plenty pictures of
"How we did it!"
  "Golden Spark"
My first fiction book.
River Queen Registry
 Check out other River Queens that have registered with our web site.
  "Boating Gone Bad"
Work in progress. A new series of boating stories submitted by you and me. The object is to learn from other peoples mistakes.
Register Your RQ
Registration form for your River Queen
My second Fiction book.
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